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Perfect Flame Grill

Good day, and welcome to our website. Today we are going to be taking a look at one of the more popular grills currently available on the market. The Perfect Flame grill is one of the budget varieties of grills you can purchase, but does that make it  an inferior one? Below we will run through some of the features so you can decide for yourself if it is worth a purchase or not.

Perfect Flame Grill (5 Burner)

Perfect Flame have a few different grill models, and the 5 burner is more or less the middle range one so this is what we will be focusing on today. The cost of this unit is a very reasonable $499, which is a hell of a lot of bang for the buck when you consider the features you get with it. The power output of this unit is a generous 50,000 BTU which should give you more than enough heat to cook anything you throw at it. As the name implies, the unit comes with 5 burners, and the main cooking space provided is a more than ample 640 square inches which should give you enough space to feed the entire neighborhood!
This is considered to be a fully featured barbeque, so also included with this unit is a infrared “searing” side burner. For those of you who don’t what a searing burner is, it basically provides a short burst of intense heat onto your meat before you move it onto the main grill. What this does is ensures that the juices are kept inside the meat, as some of the juices tend to get lost if the meat is only done on the main grill. The power output of the searing burner is 12,000 BTU.

Another premium feature found on this Perfect Flame grill is the addition of a rotisserie burner. These are great for chicken or lamb, and make sure your meat is left tender and fully cooked all the way through. The 10,000 BTU rotisserie burner is located at the rear of the barbeque. Keep in mind however that the rotisserie kit is not included by default, and costs an extra $30.
The entire unit is made out of 430 stainless steel which looks great, and provides a stylish addition to your property. One complaint among current owners of this grill is that it has been known to rust quite easily. It isn’t really much of an issue however if you can manage to cover it, and covers can be bought for as cheap as $15. Keeping it in a garage would be the ideal solution, but not everyone has that luxury. Remember that propane from the gas tanks does have traces of H20 in it, so give the grill a wipe after each use will also help to keep the rust away.

Next up you might be wondering what the cooking grates are made of. The included grates are made of cast iron, and coated with porcelain which ensures they don’t get food stuck on them. They are also very straightforward to clean with a wire brush.
Another handy feature included on this Perfect Flame grill are the internal grill lights. These halogen powered lights allow you to keep an eye on your food when you are in a poorly lit area, which is perfect if you prefer to barbeque in the evenings.

Are Perfect flame grills worth the money?

Getting a fully featured grill such as this one for under $500 can be considered to be quite a steal, so can you trust a grill like this? The unit comes with a warranty of ten years on the burners which is very respectable.
As mentioned earlier a common complaint is rusting in these models, but with certain precautions this isn’t a major problem. The stainless steel used on these units is 430 grade stainless steel which can be considered a little flimsy, so this is something else to take into consideration. It is more than acceptable for moderate usage, but heavy usage could cause issues in the long run. If you use your barbeque very often then we would recommend that you look into a more well known brand. If you only intend to grill on the odd weekend then the Perfect Flame grill should be exactly what you need.

Where can you buy a Perfect Flame grill?

These are quite popular grills, so getting hold of one shouldn’t really be an issue. You can find them at some of the bigger retail stores, but another option is to look online for them to see if you can get a discounted model. There are many sites out there offering great deals on these types of grills and similar models, so we recommend that you have a good look online first to see what you can find. It won’t cost you anything and you might find a bargain!
Remember to read all the instructions you receive with your grill, and follow the maintenance guidelines so your grill stays in tip top shape.